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Get Into Football

National Courses

Learn intensively at one venue.

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FA Learning National Courses are usually more intensive than local courses.

Held in a central location, candidates reside on site for the duration of the course. There are a range of courses and qualifications catering for different disciplines across the game.

National Courses are also popular because they are a great chance to meet other like minded people from around the country. Refresher courses are also available for those looking to update their knowledge.

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Level Three Certificate in Coaching Football (UEFA B Licence)
Understand match analysis and performance evaluation

Coaches will gain detailed coaching knowledge based on functional practices, small sided (8 v 8) games and phases of play to enhance game related understanding. This knowledge will aid them to evaluate player and team performance and set goals accordingly. Coaches will also learn how to analyse matches, assess fitness, provide a psychological evaluation of players and build on nutritional awareness.

Also available as a local course

UEFA A Licence
Raising the benchmark

One of the most respected qualifications in the game, the UEFA A Licence will educate candidates in the practical and theoretical developments in modern football, so that they may devise, organise, and evaluate coaching sessions in the advanced skills, tactics, strategies and systems of play. Candidates are required to undertake a mandatory UEFA A Preparatory Course prior to the Part One of the UEFA A Licence.

UEFA Pro Licence
The Ultimate Coaching Qualification

The highest coaching qualification in the game, the UEFA Pro Licence will be mandatory for all Premier League Managers from 2010. The Pro Licence marries the finer points of a coach or manager’s match preparation with other non-football specific modules including employment law, finance, the media, technology, business management and club structure.

The FA International Coaching Licence
Coaching expertise from a world leader in football education

The International Coaching Licence is a special coaching course which is only available to candidates from non-EU countries. This course teaches coaches to develop skills such as match analysis, attitudes & ethics and football fitness.

The FA Youth Coaches Course
Developing the elite youth player

The course aims to raise the standards of coaching for elite players and standardise the provision of training for Youth Coaches. Candidates will learn how to assess the needs of individual players and establish goals with the player to reach objectives identified in agreed learning programmes. Coaches will further understand how to monitor and profile progress and provide feedback to players to establish new objectives.

The FA Youth Award - Module One Developing the Environment
Innovation in coaching young players

This first module of three presents a child-centred approach to the development of our young players. The award recognises the important role the coach can have upon levels of motivation and self-esteem and gives practical advice to help the coaching session become an "effective environment for learning". Suitable for coaches at all levels this innovative new look at coaching will create coaches who have an understanding of children and young players as well as football.

Also available as a local course

The FA Youth Award - Module Two Developing the Practice
Innovation in coaching young players

Building on the knowledge learnt in Module One, this course provides practical sessions and workshops that help coaches to develop practices appropriate for the age, maturity, ability and experience levels of their players. Coaches will be expected to plan, deliver and evaluate their own, and other coaches’ practices during the course. This second module in The FA Youth Award is most suited to club coaches who are keen to improve their own personal development as a coach of young players of any age.

Also available as a local course

The FA Youth Award - Module Three Developing the Player
Innovation in coaching young players

The final module in The FA Youth Award, Developing the Player, continues the progressive change in coaching philosophy. Complementing the knowledge learnt on the preceding modules, this course teaches coaches to have a truly player-centred approach to the coaching and development of young players. The course comprises both practical and theory sessions.

Also available as a local course

The FA Goalkeeping Coaching B Licence
Elite goalkeeper training

Ideal for coaches working in league Academies and Centres of Excellence, this course covers a mix of practical and theory sessions. Practical sessions include footwork, general handling techniques, and dealing with crosses. The theory element looks at the role and development of the goalkeeper and performance analysis.

The FA Goalkeeping Coaching A Licence
For senior professionals in the Premier League and Football League

This is the highest goalkeeping award for coaches. The course covers elements such as communication and organisation, philosophies of defending set plays and defensive strategies and principles.

The FA Academy Managers Licence
Running centres for elite young players

This course covers the aspects required to manage an Academy or Centre of Excellence. This includes: developing elite young players, managing upwards, recruitment, staff development and financial matters. Candidates must hold a current FA Advanced Coaching Licence/UEFA A Licence and complete a 4,000 word report on a study visit to an overseas Academy.

The FA Psychology for Football

Levels Two – Five

Understand the emotional barriers in player performance

Level One Psychology

The first FA Learning Psychology course is an online-only course. Please click here for more details [LINK TO 6 ONLINE COURSE PAGES]

Level Two Psychology

Before attending, candidates must complete The FA Psychology for Football Level One online course (see page 24). Although originally aimed at coaches, Level Two would benefit all football support staff including parents, sports scientists, medics and teachers. The course focuses on learning and development issues in young players aged 5-14. The course is made up of three units: psychological development, learning & skill development, and social & environmental factors.

Level Three

Coaches may benefit the most, but Level Three is also open to everyone working with young players.

The focus in this course is on youth players 12-16 and 17-21 yrs. Candidates will investigate the psychological aspects relating to game demands, mental skills and performance profiling.

Level Four

Building on the knowledge from Level Three, this course looks at taking mental skills onto the field. The course is both theoretical and practical and investigates the role that coaches play in designing appropriate practices that allow the development of different mental skills.

Level Five

The final psychology course looks at developing team confidence and cohesion, communication, fostering trust and structuring a match day. These areas of psychology will be considered using different case studies and practical examples. Candidates are required to draw from their own personal experience and practice in relation to these key theoretical areas and provoke interesting and stimulating debates, while maintaining confidentiality.

The FA Treatment of Injury Diploma

The course involves advanced education and training in anatomy (general, surface and functional), physiology, the psychology of exercise, body mechanics, pathology of injuries to head/face, lower limb, upper limb and spine, training, overuse injuries (adolescent and adult), basic assessment of musculo skeletal structures, and treatment and rehabilitation skills for all stages of the rehabilitation process.

The FA Fitness Trainers Award

This course aims to educate and train candidates in the basic knowledge, skills and practices in order to deliver safe and effective football specific fitness programmes for teams and individuals. It is designed to expand on the knowledge and skills gained from previous training courses, focus on these elements and directly relate them to the specific needs and demands placed on players by Association Football up to an elite level.

For Information on courses held at County FAs, click here.

The Coaching Pathway

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