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Goalpost and Pitch Sizes

Indoor Facilities

The FA recognises the need for the increased use of indoor facilities wherever possible to meet the needs of skill development, particularly amongst young players. The FA Skills Coach Programme is designed around the use of indoor facilities, primarily indoor sports halls and gymnasiums. Whilst the construction of a network of indoor facilities is prohibited largely due to factors of cost, there are existing facilities, particularly within school environments that may be currently under-utilised. Indoor facilities are also vital in the development of futsal and some forms of disability football. The FA will encourage and actively seek out existing venues that may be under-utilised or in need of improvements to make them compliant for use for indoor football activities. The FA continues to work with the Schools Building programme to ensure required specifications are met for indoor football where appropriate.

Click here for The FA's Guidelines on Indoor Facilities for small sided football

Small Sided Facilities

Small sided football can be played under various conditions, both indoor and outdoor and on a variety of surfaces. The FA will continue to provide information on best practice and suitability of factors affecting facility design and layout with regards to indoor facilities and also the small-sided game. The FA works closely with commercial providers, consulting on projects at feasibility stage and ensuring that technical requirements for such facilities are compatible wherever possible with FA guidelines.

Click here for The FA's Outdoor Pitch Guidance Notes.