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Football Rules

The Football Association is responsible for ensuring that the international Laws of the Game are applied on the field, and that the rules and regulations concerned with running football in England are observed by officials, clubs and players off the pitch as well as on it.

The Laws of the Game are determined by the International Football Association Board (IFAB), and The Rules and Regulations of The Football Association, determined by The FA Council, are aimed at establishing an efficient and fair regulatory structure. These rules and regulations cover matters ranging from the affiliation of clubs and associations, to misconduct, financial dealings and arbitration...

Betting and Integrity Matters

The FA revised its rules on betting and integrity matters this summer. The attached booklet provides a guide to Participants to these rules. Any summary or reference to the rules provided in the booklet is for guidance only. It is not intended to and does not replace or supersede the rules themselves, which should be referred to as necessary and can be found in the 2011-12 FA handbook.

The Rules of The Football Association

FA Rules Season 2011-12   (download PDF) 

The FA Handbook 2011-12

  • FA Rule A  - Constitution and administration of the Association 
  • FA Rule B - Sanctioning of associations, competitions and matches
  • FA Rule C - Rules relating to players*
  • FA Rule D - International and other representative matches and call-ups
  • FA Rule E - Conduct
  • FA Rule F - Powers of inquiry
  • FA Rule G - Disciplinary powers
  • FA Rule H - Appeals to the Appeal Board
  • FA Rule I - Financial records
  • FA Rule J - Rules, regulations and laws of the game
  • FA Rule K - Arbitration
  • FA Rule L  - Fair play in football

*Click here for FA rules on Third Party Investments

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