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Becoming an FA Licensed Agent

The FA has previously reported that the 2009 FIFA Congress declared its support for an "in-depth reform of the player’s agents system through a new approach based on the concept of intermediaries”. On the basis of the proposals of the FIFA working group assigned to tackle the issue, it may be that the current players' agents licensing provisions will be replaced by a different system.

FIFA’s initial position was that any proposals would be introduced with effect from October 2011, provided they had gained approval at the 2011 FIFA Congress. We now understand from FIFA that any draft provisions will not be considered by the FIFA Congress until its 2012 meeting. Consequently, it is likely that any revised Regulations, if approved by that Congress, will not come into force until October 2012 at the earliest.

The FA would like to reiterate that until such time as any new Regulations come into force, the existing Football Agents Regulations, including the current requirements for individuals to become licensed agents, will continue to apply.”

Football Agents License Application

The process for becoming a Licensed Agent is relatively straightforward and begins with your application to the national association of the country of which you are a national (in accordance with Article 6 of the FIFA Players’ Agent Regulations).

The FA has an 'application window' system to ensure that our applicants have maximum time to undertake the relevant Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau ('CRB') checks and prepare adequately for their examination.

The application window for the Spring 2012 exam is now open and will run from Monday 17 October until 5pm on Friday 9 December. Any applications received after 5pm on 9 December 2011 will not be processed.

Please note that both of the documents (below) must be completed and signed before an application will be accepted.

Please click here to download the required documents for the application process.

And click here to download documents which it is recommended you read before the exam.

Once the application process is complete, details with regards to exam arrangements will be sent out to all applicants who have completed the application process; which includes supplying adequate proof of residence, clearance of the exam fee and having their Enhanced CRB Disclosure completed and approved by The FA. The Enhanced CRB Disclosure must be received and approved by The FA before candidates can be invited to attend the examination.

There are two general stages to applications:-

a) Completion of The FA application form and submission of the application fee and supporting documents.

b) Completion of the CRB forms and submission of the CRB fee.

1. Once the window is open, to initiate the process, you should initially download an FA application form which will be made available on this page.

You are advised to read the attached Protocols, Procedures and Policy document for the Test of Good Character and Reputation for FA Licensed Agents before completing the Application Form.

2. Please complete and return the application form, along with the relevant supporting documents to:-

Mr Martin Fauvel
Agents Licensing Applications
Financial Regulation Department
The FA Group
Wembley Stadium
PO Box 1966

A non-refundable application fee of £250 (for the avoidance of doubt, this fee is due whether you first apply or resit the examination) (cheque or postal order only please, made payable to 'The Football Association Ltd') must accompany your application form.

Previous versions of the application form will not be accepted and will delay the processing of your application.

3. Supporting Documents

The FA requires applicants to submit supporting documents with their applications. If you are an English national, please submit a copy of the photo page and cover page of your passport.

If you are not English, in addition to a copy of your passport please submit proof of residency and address details covering the last two years. For this purpose, The FA will accept any two of the following:

  • utility bill
  • mobile phone bill
  • mortgage statement
  • Bank or Building Society statement
  • addressed payslip
  • P45 or P60

One of these documents should prove your residency/address as of two years ago and one should prove your current residency/address and not be more than three months old.

4. Enhanced CRB Disclosure

Part of the assessment of your application will be to undertake an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau check. Once The FA has received your completed form, the relevant forms and guidance notes will be sent to you directly.

You should complete the disclosure form and send this, together with the CRB fee of £59 to the address shown in the CRB Unit pack. Please do not send the CRB form and fee to The FA. As the CRB Disclosure process can often take around 12 weeks to be completed, make sure you send the form and relevant supporting documents to The FA CRB Unit as soon as possible.

You will not be eligible to sit the examination until clearance of your suitability to become a Football Agent has been confirmed through the CRB procedure.

Should your Enhanced CRB Disclosure not be returned in time for this examination you will need to submit a new exam application form, in the relevant application window, for any future examination you wish to sit.

For further information on the CRB process, follow this link to the CRB Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended Reading

The relevant FIFA and FA study materials are available to download from The FA website, below.

All applicants will be sent examples of previous exam papers upon approval of their application along with any other relevant material for the examination.

6. Once the application form and CRB checks have been approved, your details will be recorded and you will be notified of the next available examination date, as soon as this information has been provided by FIFA.

Please note that due to the timeframe of assessing applications and undertaking CRB checks, your place at a specific examination sitting can not always be guaranteed. You are therefore advised to apply as early as possible within each application window, and to complete all necessary paperwork on a timely basis.

7. The Exam

All those whose applications are accepted will be invited to an examination sitting. At present, these are held in Spring and Autumn each year. Two passport-sized photographs and photo ID will be required upon attendance.

The examination is based on both FIFA and FA Regulations concerning players.

You are, however, advised to consult the FIFA and FA websites from time to time for all relevant circulars, developments and amendments to the regulations.

Following attendance at the examination, entrants will be sent their result within two weeks and successful candidates advised of the next steps to take.

The FA does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of the study information which is provided as a courtesy. The FA does not accept any liability for any loss or damage arising as a result of incompleteness or inaccuracy in the information provided.

The FA does not offer any training courses on becoming a Licensed Agent.  However, we are aware that some commercial enterprises or sports lawyers may offer such services.  The FA is unable to recommend any such services as we must retain our impartiality.

8. Once the exam has been passed, the applicant must also send to The FA the following documents:-

- Signed and dated Code of Professional Conduct – as found in Annexe 1 to the FIFA Players’ Agents Regulations;

- A copy of Professional Indemnity Insurance cover which specifically names the agent  – in accordance with Article 9 of the FIFA Players' Agents Regulations.

9. Once we have all the relevant documents, your licence will be issued and your details submitted to FIFA to be added to their website. Please note that you are not entitled to act as a Licensed Agent until you receive the physical licence and our formal acknowledgement.

Thereafter, you may refer to yourself as a 'FA Licensed Agent' and are permitted to talk to Players without current representation, or accept offers of representation from Clubs directly approaching you.

If you have any doubts over the existence of a current contractual relationship, or wish to report an alleged breach of the Regulations, you may address your concerns in writing to The FA, by phone on 0844 980 8213 or by e-mail to for the attention of Andrew Penn.

Please consult the 'Frequently Asked Questions’ section, which may address any further queries you may have about the licensing process.


1. Complete and return The FA application and send to: Mr Martin Fauvel, Football Agents Applications, Wembley Stadium, PO Box 1966, London, SW1P 9EQ.

Documents required: Application form, non-refundable fee of £250 (including resits), proof of residency and copy of front cover and photo page of passport.

2. Receive Enhanced CRB Disclosure form and guidance. Complete and return form and fee to CRB Unit (NOT to The FA).

Documents required: CRB Forms, fee of £59.

3. Download relevant study information.

4. The FA will contact you to confirm or decline eligibility for the agents’ examination. Those approved will be sent exam invitations.

Documents required: Return exam entry form to The FA to confirm attendance at the exam.

5. Attend examination

Documents required: Please bring photo ID and two passport photos with your name on the reverse.

6. Receive exam result

Documents required: If successful please provide proof of insurance cover and signed code of conduct.

However, please note that applications will be rejected where:-

- Any aspect of the application contravenes the FIFA Players’ Agents Regulations; and/or

- The FA CRB Panel deems an applicant unsuitable on the basis of their Enhanced CRB Disclosure and Test of Good Character and Reputation, or where an applicant fails to complete Enhanced CRB Disclosure forms.

IN THESE CIRCUMSTANCES, THE £250 (including resits) APPLICATION FEE WILL BE FORFEITED (notwithstanding any appeal in accordance with FA and FIFA Regulations).

If you are in any doubt, you are advised to consult The FA before submitting your application.

Recommended Reading for Examination

Click here to download documents which it is recommended you read before the exam.


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